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V1S Pre-Filled Case

V format pick&pluck tray, 110mm deep
(full width tray 380mm x 255mm)
Ideal for 30mm, 60mm and larger based models. 12 customisable rows, each 30mm wide with pick&pluck blocks and 10mm dividing walls. 10mm dividing walls can be removed or customised to suit larger models.

V format pick&pluck, 6 rows, each row 30mm wide, 10mm dividing wall

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80 troops + large vehicles in your GW CRUSADE Case (32mm bases!) 

Increase your Gamesworkshop CRUSADE Case carrying capacity from the standard GW zig zag trays for figures on the new 32mm bases and large vehicles and monsters with this replacement Tray Set for the Gamesworkshop CRUSADE plastic figure case. Replaces the standard 8 GW trays with 5 KR designed trays. Extra depth too for dynamically posed figures!

The unique KR tray designs mean that you can carry 32mm based figures with extra depth in each figure compartment, and the unique segmented pick&pluck design from KR guides you to help make compartments for various Gameworkshop vehicles and monsters. It is the most versatile option for many of the large size Gamewsorkshop models. You can have deeper trays in your GW CRUSADE case and carry your figures in complete safety!

Replacement Tray Set for Gamesworkshop CRUSADE plastic figure case. Carry 80 troops on 32mm bases, ideal for 8 squads of 10 troops on 32mm bases up to 50mm tall, PLUS carry large vehicles and monsters. 80 compartments 50mm x 32mm, 32mm deep and a tray of the unique segmented pick&pluck at 110mm depth. This set contains 5 GW new size trays, four 255mm x 190mm x 38mm, and one 380mm x 255mm x 110mm and includes a top pad. KR Reference ID: GWCR-4

Why choose trays from KR Cases? Our philosophy is soft foam for protecting your figures and hard cases for protecting the soft foam! KR trays are made from soft foam which does not damage/deform your models or wear the paint off. You can carry more in any given tray size with KR than any other manufacturer thanks to our efficient tray designs. They are easily stackable and so storing your armies is simple.

KR trays and bases are glued together with adhesive specifically formulated to ensure durability. KR Trays are manufactured from soft high tensile foam which ensures maximum protection for your miniatures.

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