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KR Multicase Prepares for the New Age of Sigmar

With the new Age of Sigmar edition and starter set released, we'll be recommending our core trays and suitable custom trays for the new Dominion set!

Starting off, we'll be looking at the new Stormcast Eternals. Led by Yndrasta, the Celestial Spear, a towering Stormcast hero who specialises in the hunting of monsters, this force is quite impressive! We recommend a pick&pluck V5H tray to store her - which will also leave room for Prosecutors or cavalry from larger Stormcast collections.

For the Lord-Imperatant and Knight-Vexillor, we'll recommend our D5H pick&pluck tray, to accommodate the trailing pennant that the Vexillor hefts. This tray will also be suitable for the rest of the Storm Cast army, from the Vindictors, Annihilators and Praetors! For those of you looking for a custom tray, we can recommend our SM69 tray for the models with more restrained poses, or our SM70 for those taller models.Read more...

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Navara Cases - the sister site to KR Cases !

You can see an additional range of great value figure cases and trays on the KR sister site, navaracases.com.

Choose from 3 sizes of solid card figure cases, and 4 sizes of transport bags. Simply choose to suit your army size. For ease we have prefilled cases with trays suitable for many armies.

Select from Navara Pre-Filled Cases or Navara Trays.

Classic GW size trays are available too in the same Navara grey foam in the Navara Gamesworkshop Trays section.

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