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KR Multicase has the Trays for Space Marine Aircraft

With a push for a great many Aircraft in Warhammer 40,000, we decided that we'd look over the range of Space Marine Aircraft available!

To begin, we have the SM15, a tray for the Stormraven Gunship! Not only can you store a Gunship, you can add a Dreadnought and 12 Marines to carry with it in a KRM! Next, we have the SM30, for the Forgeworld Storm Eagle transport, with space for 10 Terminators! These will both require a KRM to transport these fantastic models.

The next tray is our SM33, a tray for the Storm Talon, a close support aircraft for the Space marines, and has space enough for the Flight stand as well! We also have the SM56, for the Fire Raptor heavy gunship, laden with avenger cannons and side turrets, with space for an additional Rhino.Read more...

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