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About the KR Figure Case and Tray Company

Who are KR Figure Cases?

KR Multicase is a company dedicated to miniature figures and innovative storage solutions. We carry out all design and testing in-house for our cases trays and accessories, and manufacture and sell only our own products. Our UK factory is set up serve our worldwide customers at minimum cost. KR provides the most versatile, cost effective and highest capacity miniature wargaming transport and storage system on the market, and with our postage inclusive prices mean that the price you see on the website is you pay to get it to your door – no hidden extras in the checkout!


The KR Products

The KR range of trays, cases and wargaming accessories provide safe and durable storage and transport for all wargaming miniatures, from the small skirmish games needing a case for maybe 5 or 10 figures up to armies needing cases for hundreds of figures, vehicles or cavalry. The standard size KR multicase can carry 200 28mm figures and is easily the highest capacity case per £, $ or € spent on a wargaming case.


More than just a case

The KR system for storage and transportation is the only interchangeable case system for miniature wargaming. The concept of the economical card cases which are fully interchangeable with each other in a transport bag, backpack or wheeled case is unique and provides gamers with just the solution they need. You can save huge amounts of money by using this system as you only need 1 transport bag and can purchase the economical and safe card cases to interchange as needed.


Our background

Some time ago when my son started collecting wargaming miniatures we found that the hobby can become very expensive indeed! His main aim was, as with most gamers and collectors to save his pocket money and amass the largest most powerful army possible. One main obstacle stood in his way - carry cases and their cost. As with many of his gaming pals he carried his figures around in shoe boxes and plastic bags with kitchen roll and bits of bubble wrap to protect his models (we have all seen this so often), well aware that carry cases were expensive. Hence the need for a durable, yet economic solution.

After many trials and much testing the KR Multicase was born. The outer case is made from the best material, heavy duty solid card (not as some people suspect, cheap corrugated card) and as such is incredibly durable. The original KR Multicase has now grown into its own well supported range of trays and transport bags and wheeled cases. You can now choose from the original card cases, the Kaiser transport bags to carry them in, the handy backpack, or the aluminium cases in 8 sizes and 2 colours, along with the Aquilla range for small skirmish games.

The aluminium KR Multicase range retains all the features of the original card case, especially the stackability and the snap closing lid. In addition these cases are lockable and have a shoulder strap for easier carrying. All the aluminium cases come with a clear self-adhesive pocket for labelling your army. Our tray range covers miniature wargaming in all scales from 6mm-28mm, as well as railways too. The 7 formats of core trays covers all gaming systems, and the custom cut trays are manufactured for specific models.

Whether you are a new gamer wanting to fund an ever increasing army and still carry and store your current one safely, or the more mature one whose better half wants those window sills and dining tables back, the KR Multicase is the perfect solution. Try one today!

The standard size case can carry 200 28mm figures and is easily the most figures you can carry per £, $ or € spent on any wargaming case. Try a cost comparison for safe storage and transport of 200 28mm figures – Carry in 1 case for just £26.49 with KR. Or a large army of five hundred 28 mm figures, and a dozen tanks. Safely protected for around £100 - Easily achieved in 4 standard KR Multicases, or in one of the larger cases like the quad aluminium, the Kaiser4 or the 800 case.

KR have an ever increasing range of custom cut trays for a wide range of figures and models, from Gamesworkshop, Forgeworld, Warmachine and Hordes, Bloodbowl, Wings of Glory and Subbuteo to name but a few. Simply use our search and filters to find all the trays and cases you need.

All manufacturers and their models are catered for with each having their own pages and pdf TrayGuides for specific armies. Check them out to create the prefect case for your army.

We have also made custom interiors for specific requirements (vehicles, monsters and so on), when our customers have asked - please contact us if you have a special requirements

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