Figure Cases and Trays for Tabletop Gaming

soft foam for figures, hard cases for soft foam !


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Pick & Pluck

Note: Pick & Pluck trays require some modelling skills to create compartments to suit figures, vehicles, etc.

51mm deep tray compartments

1/2 depth tray - 51mm deep

Holds: Ghar 6x Outcast Weapon teams with Disruptor Cannons/ Rebel Mag Cannon/ Mag-Light Support/ Mag Repeater/ Scutter/ Wrecker/ Attack Scutters

70mm deep tray compartments

2/3 depth tray - 70mm deep

Holds: Ghar 6x Battle Armour or 4x Command Crawler/ Fartok, Rebels Commander/ Ghar Outcast Rebel Attack Crawler

110mm deep tray compartments

1 depth tray - 110mm deep

Holds: Ghar 4x Bombardment Crawler/ High Commander Karg 12-40-9/ Outcast Rebel Commander in Battle Armour/ Ghar Outcast Rebel Creeper

Half Width Troop Trays

23mm deep tray compartments

1/4 depth tray - 23mm deep

Holds: Ghar 20x Outcasts/ Fartok's Black Guard/ Rebel Black Guard/ Outcast command/ Outcast Rebels Command/ Wrecking Squad/ Tectorists Scouts/ Flitters/ Rebel Flitters/

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