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V format pick&pluck tray, 110mm deep

Increase your Gamesworkshop Case carrying capacity to carry large vehicles and monsters with this replacement Tray for the Gamesworkshop Classic plastic figure case. Full depth tray to fill the case with the largest models!

The unique KR tray design means the pick&pluck sections are versatile for many of largest Gamewsorkshop vehicles and monsters. 12 customisable rows, each 30mm wide with pick&pluck blocks and 10mm dividing walls. 10mm dividing walls can be removed or customised to suit larger models. Carry the maximum number of models in complete safety!

Replacement Tray for Gamesworkshop Classic plastic figure case. Carry large vehicles and monsters in this 110mm deep tray. This tray replaces the 3 standard Gamesworkshop 36 compartment trays.

V format pick&pluck, 6 rows, each row 30mm wide, 10mm dividing wall

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