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Star Wars set G in a Pre-filled Aquilla4 case including 1x XW5,1x XW7 trays.

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Capacity: 1/2 KRU

Cases and Trays in this Prefilled Case are:

Case: AQ4-B

Sets: 1x STAR-XW-G (XW5, XW7)

Game Systems & Armies that use tray sets from this prefilled case are:

Tray set STAR-XW-G is used by these armies:

  • Star Wars X-Wing
    • Star Wars X-Wing (All Factions)View SetBuy Pre-filled CaseView the Star Wars X-Wing (All Factions) Tray guide
      • Lambda Shuttle, 4x HWK-290 on stands (or any other fighters), 3x B-Wing Fighters, Tie Defenders, Tie Phantoms on stands (or any other fighters), 4x Fighters on stands, Shuttle stand, Damage cards, Upgrade cards, Manoeuvre templates, tokens. - Space for the rulebook to sit inside a case too with this set.

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