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800 Wheeled Aluminium case

Capacity: 4 KRU

The 800 wheeled aluminium case carries 4 KRU worth of the KR card cases, plus has two accessory compartments. It is fully lined, has 3 snap closing catches (2 lockable), 2 carry handles, a telescopic handle, and wheels !

The Wheeled aluminium range provides an economical and safe system for carrying multiple KR card cases. When purchasing from the Wheeled aluminium range of KR Multicases you can choose any combination of the KR card cases to fit inside the wheeled case at no extra cost (select from the KRQ, KRH, KRM, KRX, KRD). Choose cases that suit your needs and fit inside the carry case. The wheeled aluminium range is available in 2 sizes - either the 800, or the 1200. These cases have integrated wheels, 2 carry handles, an additional telescopic carry handle plus combination latches too.

The interior is split into two main compartments, each for the card cases, this makes it very easy to take out a case from the bottom of the stack without needing to take them all out. The combination of the card cases, the soft foam, and the split compartment means that you can have any models in any position in the case and know they are fully protected from damage. There are 2 additional compartments at the top and bottom for rulebooks and accessories too.

Expansion or changes to additional or multiple armies is simple and cost effective with KR.

The Wheeled Aluminium case external sizes are :

800 wheeled case (WH4) : 680 x 470 x 350mm
1200 wheeled case (WH6) : 940 x 470 x 350mm
Prestige wheeled case (PRS) : 680 x 540 x 350mm
Prestige wheeled case for the Tau Manta (PRM) : 950 x 240 x 720mm

All the wheeled cases include a self adhesive label holder, and each WH4 and WH6 wheeled case includes a KR medium size tournament tray too!

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