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Triple Aluminium case

Capacity: 3 KRU

The triple size aluminium case carries 12 full size trays. It is fully lined, has snap closing lockable catches, a carry handle, a fully adjustable shoulder strap, and self adhesive label holder.

The aluminium case range is available in a wide range of sizes, from the half size case up to the quad case, capable of carrying up to 800 troops. These all have snap closing lockable catches, either with a key or a combination latch, a carry handle, a fully adjustable shoulder strap, a self adhesive label holder and are stackable. The feet match into the recessed aluminium outer panel to prevent one case from sliding off another when stacked on top of one another.

The interior is fully lined with a soft touch lining, so if you decide to carry anything loose then it is well cared for too. The case can be labelled as the exterior is smooth aluminium, so you can easily stick army descriptions, or pictures to them. The half width aluminium case has an innovative twin opening lid design which means that access to your miniatures is simple and easy.

Expansion or changes to additional or multiple armies is simple and cost effective with KR.

The Aluminium case external sizes are :

Quarter Size aluminium (DLQ) : 220 x 280 x 80mm
Half depth aluminium (ALHD) : 400 x 280 x 80mm
Half width aluminium (ALHW) : 210 x 280 x 140mm
Standard aluminium (AL1) :   400 x 280 x 140mm
Standard aluminium (DL1) :   400 x 280 x 140mm
Double aluminium (AL2) :    400 x 280 x 260mm
Double aluminium (DL2) :    400 x 280 x 260mm
Triple aluminium (AL3) :    550 x 410 x 200mm
Quad aluminium (AL4) :    400 x 550 x 260mm

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