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Christmas is rapidly approaching, and KR Multicase cases and trays are the perfect gift for your gaming friends and family. Of course, if you want to get these in time for the big day, you'll need to order them in time. We've prepared a list of dates for you to make sure you get your presents before Christmas!Read more...

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Navara Cases Navara Cases

It surprising how fast the last fifteen week have gone, but let us have a look at our new models from Warhammer 40K Imperium issues 14 and 15.

Included in Issue 14 are the Magazine itself, and the Munitorum Armoured Container which comes with barrels and ammo crates.

Included in Issue 15 are the Magazine itself and a sprue of 5 Necron Flayed Ones. These new poses released earlier in the year with a Kill Team expansion are a much deserved update to the creepy models. Armed with their flayer claws ready to shred their enemies to pieces, these models are a great addition to a Necron force.Read more...

Navara News

Navara Cases - the sister site to KR Cases !

You can see an additional range of great value figure cases and trays on the KR sister site, navaracases.com.

Choose from 3 sizes of solid card figure cases, and 4 sizes of transport bags. Simply choose to suit your army size. For ease we have prefilled cases with trays suitable for many armies.

Select from Navara Pre-Filled Cases or Navara Trays.

Classic GW size trays are available too in the same Navara grey foam in the Navara Gamesworkshop Trays section.

Naturally being part of KR means that you stll get same day shipping on orders placed before 2PM.

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