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soft foam for figures, hard cases for soft foam !


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N4S Pre-Filled Case

40x Troops or single figures

Choose your colour!

40 compartments (1/4 depth, full width tray)

Game Systems & Armies that use this tray

  • GamesWorkshop
    • Warhammer Lord of the Rings
      • MordorView SetView the Mordor Tray guide
        • 20x Black Guard of Barad-dūr or 5x Black Guard of Barad-dūr Commanders or 20x Black Nśmenórean Warrior or 10x Castellans of Dol Guldur or 20x Gorbag & Shagrat or 20x Gothmog (Pelennor) on Foot or 20x Grishnakh or 10x Khamūl The Easterling on Foot or 10x Kārdush the Firecaller or 20x Morannon Orc or 10x Morannon Orc Captains or 4x Morannon Orc Commanders or 20x Mordor Orc or 4x Mordor Orc Commanders or 20x Mordor Orc Shaman or 5x Mordor Siege Bow or 20x Mordor Uruk-hai or 20x Morgul Stalker or 2x Nazgūl (group of 9 models) or 20x Orc Tracker or 20x Sauron the Necromancer or 20x Shagrat or 20x The Betrayer on Foot or 20x The Dark Marshal on Foot or 20x The Dwimmerlaik on Foot or 20x The Knight of Umbar on Foot or 20x The Mouth of Sauron on Foot or 10x The Shadow Lord on Foot or 20x The Tainted on Foot or 20x The Undying on Foot or 10x The Witch-king of Angmar on Foot

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