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N4HS Pre-Filled Case

20x Troops or single figures

20 compartments (1/4 depth, half width tray)

Game Systems & Armies that use this tray

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    • Warhammer Lord of the Rings
      • The Fallen RealmsView SetView the The Fallen Realms Tray guide
        • 10x Amdűr, Lord of Blades on Foot or 20x Black Númenórean Warrior or 10x Corsair Bo'Sun and Captain or 20x Corsair of Umbar or 20x Dunlending Warrior with Bow or 20x Dunlending Warrior with Hand Weapon and Shield or 20x Dunlending Warrior with Two-handed Weapon or 20x Easterling or 3x Easterling Commanders or 20x Easterling Warrior or 20x Feral Uruk-hai or 20x Half Troll or 20x Harad Abrakhân Guard or 4x Haradrim Commanders or 20x Haradrim Hasharin or 20x Haradrim Horseman Cheiftain on Foot or 20x Haradrim Warrior or 4x Isengard Commanders or 10x Khaműl The Easterling on Foot or 10x Khandish King on Foot or 10x Lurtz or 20x Mahud Warrior or 20x Mauhúr or 20x Mordor Orc or 20x Műmak Mahűd or 20x Ruffians And Slavers or 10x Saruman and Grima or 10x Serpent Guard or 20x Sharku on Foot or 20x Suladân the Serpent Lord on Foot or 20x The Betrayer on Foot or 5x The Golden King of Harad (use 4 compartments) or 20x The Knight of Umbar on Foot or 2x The Lord of the Ring Casualties or 20x Thrydan Wolfsbane on Foot or 20x Ugluk and Vrasku, Uruk-hai Captains or 20x Uruk-hai Berserker or 6x Uruk-hai Command or 20x Uruk-hai Scout or 20x Uruk-hai Shaman or 20x Uruk-hai Siege Troop or 10x Uruk-hai Warrior (with pike) or 20x Uruk-hai Warrior (with sword) or 20x Uruk-hai with Crossbow or 20x Watcher of Karna or 20x Wildman of Dunland

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