Figure Cases and Trays for Tabletop Gaming

soft foam for figures, hard cases for soft foam !

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M4S Pre-Filled Case

50x small figures

Choose your colour!

50 compartments (1/4 depth, full width tray)

Game Systems & Armies that use this tray

  • GamesWorkshop
    • Warhammer Lord of the Rings
      • The Free PeoplesView SetView the The Free Peoples Tray guide
        • 50x Bilbo Baggins or 50x Bullroarer Took on Foot or 25x Dain and Balin or 16x Durin and Mardin or 50x Dwarf Ballista or 10x Dwarf Commanders or 50x Dwarf Iron Guard or 25x Dwarf Kings 1 or 25x Dwarf Kings 2 or 50x Dwarf Ranger or 16x Dwarf Vault Warden Team or 50x Dwarf Warrior Bowman or 12x Farmer Maggot and Hounds or 50x Frodo and Sam 1 or 50x Frodo and Sam 2 or 50x Gimli or 50x Gimli on Dead Uruk-hai or 50x Hobbit Archer or 50x Hobbit Shirriff or 50x Khazad Guard or 25x Merry and Pippin 1 or 25x Merry and Pippin 2 or 25x Murin and Drar or 16x Sam and Bill the Pony or 50x Wildman of Druadan

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