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Continuing on from our recent Kill Team updates, today we take a look at the Compendium Teams.

The Compendium has the rules for no fewer than 19 Kill Teams. With this book coming out during the launch of this edition, some of the teams have been replaced with newer teams that incorporate other models, however we have still included these teams in our Tray Guides for anyone who might need them.

With the F3H tray or the N4H tray you can store almost all of these teams. The N4H being great for models on 25mm bases with the F3H being better for those on the larger bases up to 32mm.

The exceptions here are the Grey Knight team which would do well in an SM58 and the Troupe team which would do better in an F4H due to their smaller base but taller and more dynamic poses.

Stay tuned as we continue to review all that Kill Team has to offer, or check out the rest of our TrayGuides here: https://www.krcases.com/trayguides

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Salute recently announced their painting competition categories and we wanted to share them with you.

There are 13 categories to choose from this time but hopefully 13 won't be unlucky for those that want to enter.

3 are for Historical models, 3 for Sci-Fi, 3 more are for Fantasy, with the last 4 categories being for Large Scale, Miscellaneous, Junior and the Salute 2021 Figure.

We are proud to be supporting Salute again this year and will be attending with a selection of our KR and Navara trays.

You can find the full details about the competition on their Facebook post here or check out their website for any other information you need about the show here

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Navara Cases - the sister site to KR Cases !

You can see an additional range of great value figure cases and trays on the KR sister site, navaracases.com.

Choose from 3 sizes of solid card figure cases, and 4 sizes of transport bags. Simply choose to suit your army size. For ease we have prefilled cases with trays suitable for many armies.

Select from Navara Pre-Filled Cases or Navara Trays.

Classic GW size trays are available too in the same Navara grey foam in the Navara Gamesworkshop Trays section.

Naturally being part of KR means that you stll get same day shipping on orders placed before 2PM.

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